House owners

The right roof for every house

What would a house be without a roof? Hardly conceivable … and in any case useless, as it would not provide protection against the weather or any feeling of security. A roof is also a statement of individual design: provided by the range of colours and creative forms of the clay or concrete roof tiles and the decorative elements.

Our ClimaLife roof tiles are also environmentally active. They break down pollutants from the air. It works like this: their surface contains titanium dioxide particles, which break down, for example, health-endangering nitric oxides and convert them into harmless nitrates. For the entire life of the roof.

Our solar energy systems are environmentally friendly and at the same time aesthetically pleasing – as photovoltaic modules, solar thermal roof tiles or the combined system "2Power" for electricity and heat from the same module.

Find the way to your individual roof with us.