Clay roof tiles

Years of experience – Nelskamp clay tiles

Clay roof tiles are a favourite construction material steeped in tradition. The manufacturing process has remained almost unchanged since 1926: the pressed clay tile obtains its final hardness and structure at 1,000 degrees Celsius. Correct installation of the tiles and regular maintenance will ensure that your roof brings you joy for many years to come.

Our manufacturing process is constantly optimized; each technological advance is reflected in the properties of the tiles. Our large-area tiles, for instance, are "hard ceramic", making them particularly frost-resistant.

Nelskamp provides clay roof tiles in a wide range of shapes and colours, from traditional hollow pantiles and fish-scale tiles to low-pitch roof tiles and double-trough tiles. For roofs with individuality and character.

Nibra low-pitch roof tile F 10 Ü

The "Ü" stands for "Überdeckung", a German word for "overlap" – in this case a variable overlapping area of up to twelve millimetres with a covered length of 41.6 centimetres. This simplifies roofing work during renovations when the existing roof timbers are to be maintained – and the distance between the battens is not always the same.

The form of this large-area tile is classical – in the established style of low-pitch roof tiles. Through its size, however, it sets a new standard.

Please inquire about available colours and delivery times.

length 48.7 cm
width 29.6 cm
tilling width 24.2 cm
tilling length 40.4 - 42.8 cm
average tilling length 41.6 cm
need per squaremeter 9.7 - 10.2 pc.
weight 3.95 kg
roof pitch 22 deg.

Colours may appear different due to variations in monitor settings.

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