Concrete roof tiles

A modern roofing material

Concrete roof tiles are robust and durable and have proved their worth on millions of roofs since 1953. They are made from water, sand, cement and pigments. The natural materials are mixed, moulded and dried at around 60 degrees Celsius. Just a few days later the tiles are hard and ready to use. This quick process is also environmentally friendly, as confirmed by the Institute for Applied Ecology in Freiburg.

Concrete roof tiles are extremely strong and are characterized by their frost resistance and light weight. Because there is little variability in their shape, they can be installed very quickly, saving time and money.

Concrete roof tiles have been a tradition at Nelskamp for 60 years, and they are guaranteed for 30 years.

Longlife gloss – Finkenberg Tile

The classic Nelskamp concrete roof tile is the Finkenberg Tile. Nelskamp began series production of roof tiles in 1953 with this product. Its form has remained almost unchanged until today. Progress has been made in terms of colours, surfaces and functions. Thanks to its sophisticated interlocking profile it prevents rain, snow or dust from entering the roof and makes it especially storm-proof.

The "Longlife" surface ensures that dirt particles, lichens and algae are hardly able to attach themselves to the roof tiles. Every shower of rain cleans the roof! The roof remains constantly clean as if the tiles are freshly installed – including the pore-arm visible edge. Silky, glossy colours give the roof covering an individual character. A product overview can be found in our complete product range brochure.




length 42 cm
width 34 cm
tilling width 30 cm
tilling length 31.4 - 34.5 cm
average tilling length 32.95 cm
need per squaremeter 10 pc.
weight 4.6 kg
roof pitch 22 deg.

Colours may appear different due to variations in monitor settings.

You can find detailed performance declarations for all our locations here.

*Covered length depends on roof pitch.