Solar energy roofs

Take charge of your own energy revolution

With oil and gas running out, the demand for energy increasing and its cost rising, more and more people are taking heat and electricity generation into their own hands. Photovoltaic and solar-thermal energy are sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

Nelskamp's solar energy systems

Nelskamp's range includes photovoltaic and hybrid modules as well as a solar heating system. All our solar energy roofs are characterized by their efficiency and aesthetics:

  • "SolarPowerPack", a pure heating system
  • "MS 5 PV", an elegant power plant on your roof
  • "2Power" and "MS 5 2Power" generate heat and electricity in one module


The size of a system depends, for example, on the number of inhabitants in the house and on the usable surface area of the roof. Using an evaluation form, an expert can calculate the optimal collector surface or system size.

Nelskamp solar energy roofs

The almost-invisible heating on your roof: SolarPowerPack

The "SolarPowerPack" (SPP) is a discrete but efficient energy package for heating and hot water. The solar collectors perfectly match the shape and colour of the "Finkenberg Tile" so that they are unobtrusive. With their highly efficient technology, they provide your home with heating energy and warm water all year round. Unlike conventional solar-thermal systems, they even provide heat at night, and also in winter due to the inbuilt automatic defrosting function.

How it works

The heating system is independent of oil or gas. It even generates warmth when the sun is not shining, because the SPP uses the heat pump principle. It therefore does not require direct sunlight. All it needs is for the surrounding temperature to be higher than that of the heat exchanger fluid. A saline solution flows evenly through the collectors and is around six degrees cooler than the air. The collectors, thanks to their matt surface, are particularly effective heat absorbers. The heated fluid then flows to the specially developed "SolarPowerPack" heat pump. If needed, the temperature level is raised, and then the heat is passed on to the heating water in the layered solar heat storage tank. In the summer, the SPP by itself provides enough heat, working as a solar-thermal system. In the winter the heat pump raises the temperature to the right level when necessary.

The components

  • Solar roof tile collector
    The solar roof tile collector is an aluminium full-surface absorber with a powder-coated surface. It is available in black, granite, brown and brick red.
  • Solar heat pump
    The saline solution/water heat pump draws the heat out of the solar collector fluid and uses it to warm up the water in the layered thermal storage tank. If, because of the weather conditions, an insufficient amount of energy is absorbed by the collectors, the warmth of the thermal storage tank is utilized. This ensures that there is always heat available for hot water and heating.
  • Solar thermal storage tank
    The solar thermal storage tank contains between 600 and 1000 litres of heating water depending on the system. It provides a constant supply of heating water at the right temperature level. A fresh water station ensures a hygienic supply of hot water from the storage tank. This enables a constant, comfortable supply of fresh warm water.

Retrofitting is possible

The easy installation of the tiles with the pre-installed collectors enables retrofitting of the system onto the roof. All that is needed is to connect the collectors and the heat pump; the roof structure does not need to be touched. This is why even the authorities responsible for historic buildings are impressed by this system: such buildings can be renovated without spoiling their appearance whilst at the same time protecting the environment.