Solar energy roofs

Take charge of your own energy revolution

With oil and gas running out, the demand for energy increasing and its cost rising, more and more people are taking heat and electricity generation into their own hands. Photovoltaic and solar-thermal energy are sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

Nelskamp's solar energy systems

Nelskamp's range includes photovoltaic and hybrid modules as well as a solar heating system. All our solar energy roofs are characterized by their efficiency and aesthetics:

  • "SolarPowerPack", a pure heating system
  • "MS 5 PV", an elegant power plant on your roof
  • "2Power" and "MS 5 2Power" generate heat and electricity in one module


The size of a system depends, for example, on the number of inhabitants in the house and on the usable surface area of the roof. Using an evaluation form, an expert can calculate the optimal collector surface or system size.

Nelskamp solar energy roofs

Aesthetic photovoltaic system: MS 5 PV

Generate your own electricity, protect the environment and enjoy an attractive roof with the “MS 5 PV”. Unlike other systems that are placed on top of the existing roofing, this system is integrated harmoniously into the roof without disrupting its appearance. It is designed to withstand rain and storms.

Clever technology, simple installation

The large Nibra MS 5 tiles have been developed further to integrate the solar modules. This means that installation is quick and easy: after laying the tiles, the roofer installs the PV modules. The upper edge of the module is pushed into the ceramic groove on the tile and the bottom is attached to the tile with black stainless steel clamps and two screws. An electrician then connects it to the grid.

All modules come with a special frame matching the engobed aged colours of the tiles. The cables run safely under the roof covering.

Aesthetic solar energy roofing

The innovative installation system gives your roof a pleasant and harmonious appearance. The tiles remain the most visible design element on it. With the MS 5 PV, the roof maintains its characteristic appearance, unlike with conventional solar energy systems.

High energy yield

Even diffused light is enough for the monocrystalline PV cells to generate electricity. They have a high efficiency of 18.3%. This also makes the "MS 5 PV" economically attractive.