Solar energy roofs

Take charge of your own energy revolution

With oil and gas running out, the demand for energy increasing and its cost rising, more and more people are taking heat and electricity generation into their own hands. Photovoltaic and solar-thermal energy are sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

Nelskamp's solar energy systems

Nelskamp's range includes photovoltaic and hybrid modules as well as a solar heating system. All our solar energy roofs are characterized by their efficiency and aesthetics:

  • "SolarPowerPack", a pure heating system
  • "MS 5 PV", an elegant power plant on your roof
  • "2Power" and "MS 5 2Power" generate heat and electricity in one module


The size of a system depends, for example, on the number of inhabitants in the house and on the usable surface area of the roof. Using an evaluation form, an expert can calculate the optimal collector surface or system size.

Nelskamp solar energy roofs

Aesthetic combined module for electricity and heat: MS 5 2Power

MS 5 2Power provides electricity and heat from one module that looks good on your roof. Unlike conventional systems mounted on top of the roofing, the combined modules integrate harmoniously into the roof. This not only looks good, it also makes them better able to withstand rain and storms. They are supported by the large tile "Nibra MS 5", which has been specially developed and patented to integrate the solar energy modules.

Use your roof more efficiently

In the summer, PV modules can heat up to 80 degrees Celsius. It therefore makes sense to use this heat. In the 2Power system, a solar fluid flows through a full-surface heat exchanger attached to the back of the module. The fluid is heated and transports this heat to the heat exchanger of the layered thermal energy storage tank. A pump ensures a dynamic flow of the liquid between the module on the roof and the storage tank.

This also has a positive side effect: the modules stay cooler than conventional modules as their heat passes into the storage tank. This increases their yield because PV systems are more efficient at lower temperatures.

Solar energy makes sense even in winter

In the winter, conditions for electricity generation are often good: clear air, high radiant intensity and low temperatures. But when they are covered with snow and ice, solar energy systems have a very limited functionality. To prevent this as much as possible, Nelskamp 2Power modules have a defrosting function. This enables them to harvest the sun’s energy even in the winter. 

An attractive roof and simple installation

The dark aluminium frames and the black surface of the modules ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The modules are fixed to the tiles with stainless steel screws and double brackets of the same colour.

When you decide to use MS5 2Power, you get everything from the same supplier: Nelskamp. We deliver the adapted tiles, inverter, multi-layer thermal storage tank, solar station, controller and the complete connection set.