Aesthetic combined electricity & heat module: MS 5 2Power

Aesthetic combined electricity & heat module: MS 5 2Power

In the summer months, photovoltaic modules heat up to 80 degrees Celsius. It therefore makes sense to use this energy as well (for power generation). With the 2Power, a solar fluid flows through a full-surface heat exchanger located on the back of the module. The liquid heats up and releases this energy again when it flows through the heat exchanger in the stratified storage tank. A pump causes the liquid to circulate dynamically between the module on the roof and the storage tank.


Product Benefits

MS 5 2Power generates electricity and heat in the same module, and looks very aesthetic on the roof. Unlike surface-mounted solar systems, the dual-purpose modules are harmoniously integrated into the roof. This not only looks good, it also provides additional safety during rainfall and storms. The modules are supported by the large-format "Nibra MS 5" roof tiles, which were specially developed and patented for solar element integration.

  • Module forms a unit with the tile (BIPV)Optimum solar gain: heat and own electricity – one module
  • Highly efficient monocrystalline cells
  • Harmonious appearance: dark cells – black frame – black rear panel foil
  • Innovative absorber technology for heat utilisation over the entire area
  • Active cell cooling for higher performance
  • Defrost function prevents snow accumulation
  • Positive power tolerance: from 0 W to +5 W for a better yield
  • 2Power – trademark registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office
  • Product warranty: 10 years
  • Performance warranty: 10 years - 90% of the rated output, 25 years - 80% of the rated output
  • Tested: TÜV Rheinland and ITW Stuttgart
  • Made-in-Germany quality
  • Eligible for PV subsidies

Colours & Surfaces

Detailed information about the tile can be found here:


Technical Data

Electrical output Pmax 120 Wp
Thermal output Pmax 256 W
Max. standstill temperature 80°C
Max. system pressure Pmax 6 bar
Max. operating voltage Vmpp 13,01 V
Max. operating current Impp 9,23 A
No load voltage Voc 16,00 V
Short circuit current Isc 9,86 A
Max. system voltage 1000 V
Temperature coefficient Voc - 0,30 %/°C
Temperature coefficient Isc + 0,07 %/°C
Temperature coefficient Pmpp - 0,38 %/°C
Hail resistance acc. to IEC 61215 & IEC 61730
Weight without solar fluid 9,54 kg
Weight with solar fluid 11,0 kg
Snow load 5400 N/m²
Wind load 3000 N/m²
Module size 1965 x 400 x 25 mm
Connection plug Compatible with MC4
Solar cables 2 x 4,0 mm², length 1000 mm
27.09.2017. Subject to change without notice.



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