SolarPowerPack - invisible energy efficiency

SolarPowerPack - invisible energy efficiency

This system combines innovative solar technology and roof aesthetics. The solution: the newly developed solar roof tile/collector heat pump system – an impressive and patented innovation.

Product Benefits

Nelskamp’s "SolarPowerPack" (SPP) is a visually inconspicuous power pack for heating and hot water. The solar collectors are identical in shape and colour to Finkenberg tiles, making them practically invisible on the roof. Thanks to their highly efficient technology, they supply the house with heating energy and hot water all year round.

  • Unrivalled roof aesthetics
  • Year-round use of the roof collector
  • Collector area is usable even in darkness, rain and winter
  • Easy installation of the solar roof tile collectors
  • No danger of overheating
  • Inexpensive, alternative energy supply
  • Fully automatic control for summer/winter operation incl. defrost function

The principle is simple: The collector was matched exactly to the profile of the Finkenberg roof tile. It is a double-walled, aluminium full-surface absorber with a powder-coated surface that is ready-mounted on the Finkenberg roof tile. A special solar fluid flows through the collectors and absorbs the thermal energy from the direct solar radiation and ambient heat.

This combination makes it possible to achieve a high collector temperature after only a short exposure time, and thus an extremely high degree of efficiency.

The bottom part of the roof absorber and the solar fluid circulating inside it always run at approx. 6 - 10 Kelvin below the ambient temperature of the roof. The solar fluid absorbs energy on account of the difference in temperature between the roof and the air in the throughflow. In many cases, this results in a significantly higher temperature than the outdoor temperature.


Colours & Surfaces


Technical Data

Length         390 mm
Width 210 mm
Weight of collector 0,65 kg
Weight incl. roof tile 5,1 kg
Diameter of connections DN 8
Max. operating pressure 1,3 bar
Working pressure 0,9 bar
Nominal flow rate 1,3 m³/h
Pressure loss 0,09 mbar
Volume/m² 10 pcs.
Max. standstill temperature 30-40 K above outdoor temperature
Pressure loss on roof for 30 m² 300 mbar
Min. roof pitch 25
Installation unit as rectangle with min. 9 rows (approx. 3 m) and max. 13 rows superimposed
Solar collector yield with WP approx. 550 W/m²
Thermal absorber yield approx. 300 W/m²
Surface area req. for heat pump operation approx. 3.0 m² / kW heating output
Operational limit -15 °C brine inlet
General operational limit -30 °C ambient temperature
Subject to change without notice.



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