Flat-roof Tiles

The new head and side interlocking of the F 12 Ü - South flat roofing tile allows for a variable height overlap of up to about 3.6 cm. With around 11.7 to 13.0 tiles per square metre, this flexible tile is especially suitable for roof renovations.

This tile is the larger version of the proven F 15 flat roofing tile. With around 12.2 tiles per square metre, it reduces installation work and provides a harmonious roof covering.

The F 14 rounds off the Nelskamp flat roofing tile family. Its generous displacement clearance of around 15 millimetres makes the F 14 ideal for retiling projects.

With its gently curved form, the F 15 is particularly suitable for structured rooftops. It is also a good choice for new roofs on listed historical buildings.

F 10 Ü is the perfect tile for simple-to-install rooftops. The new head and side interlocking not only ensure simple installation, but also offers greater protection against rain intrusion.



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