G10 S PV for the flat clay tile NIBRA G10 New

Solar tile G10 S PV

Do you want a new roof covering with a modern design, sustainability, and a profitable technology? The G10 S PV system combines all three, and is hardly noticeable on the roof. The overlapping G10 S PV modules, like the smooth tiles, lie directly on the roof lathing for a uniform and even overall appearance.

Product Benefits

The G10 S PV module is supplied as a ready-to-install unit for easy, quick and safe installation. The variable (20mm) overlap area permits a uniform roof layout, while the prefabricated cables with MC4 plugs allow for safe and simple connection of the powerful modules. The narrower module format of 6 G10 tile widths allows a more flexible allocation and is advantageous especially for hipped or tent roofs as well as on roofs with several windows, dormers, chimneys… Furthermore the new G10 S PV module offers additional ventilation for a higher yield via a toothed module frame.

  • Modules interlock with the roof tile G10 NEW
  • Delivered as a ready to install unit
  • Hanging nib and side interlock for swift, easy and secure laying
  • Only 3 screws per module
  • 20mm variable cover length
  • Ca. 6.4m² roof area per kWp
  • Product guarantee: 10 years
  • Performance guarantee:
  • 10years 90 % of rated performance
  • 25 years 80 % of rated performance"

Colours & Surfaces


Technical Data

Module performance Pmax 104 Wp
Rated working current Im 12,39 A
No-load working voltage Voc 10,28 V
Short circuit current Isc 13,03 A
Maximum voltage Vmp 8,44 V
Maximum tested system voltage 1000 V
Recommended system voltage bis ca. 600 V
Temperature coeffizient Voc -0,30%/K
Temperature coeffizient Isc +0,06%/K
Temperature coeffizient Pmpp -0,39%/K
Hail resistance IEC 61215 & IEC 61730
Cell efficiency 22,1 %
Module weight ca. 9,0 kg
Module measures Deckbreite 6 Ziegel
ca. 1500mm, Decklänge 384 mm - 404 mm
Min. roof pitch 25° bei Verbanddeckung
30° bei Reihendeckung
Plugs MC4
Module cable 2 x 4,0 mm² je 850 mm long



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