Hollow Interlocking Tiles/Hollow Tiles

Hollow Interlocking Tile H 13

A typical feature of hollow interlocking tiles is the wide trough. It is characteristic of the traditional roof design. With the high quality of the H 13, this tile form is experiencing an expressive renaissance.

Hollow Interlocking Tile H 15

The format of the H 15 makes it ideal for new roofs or roof renovations. A displacement range of around 20 mm facilitates a harmonious roof design. The head and raised longitudinal interlock of the H 15 are ideal for curved rooftops.

Hollow Tile

The characteristic form of the hollow tile contributes to the originality of old buildings - especially listed buildings. This is why hollow tiles are often installed on unusual rooftops with elaborate details. The hollow tile is also suitable for the most challenging installation tasks on new buildings, e.g. as eyebrow dormer roofing.

NIBRA® Hollow Interlocking Tile H 10

Hollow interlocking tiles are one of the striking design features on historic buildings. The H 10 continues the tradition of dynamic roof design, but in an attractive large format. This, alongside easy and cost-effective installation, is another reason why the H 10 is becoming increasingly established in modern-day roof architecture.

NIBRA® Hollow Interlocking Tile H 14

A distinguishing feature of hollow interlocking tiles is the wide trough. It is typical of traditional roof design. The high quality of the H 14, and its wide range of colours, is contributing to the renaissance of this type of tile.



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