Rhineland Tile R 15

Rhineland tile R 15

The flat curvature of the R 15 has been characteristic of German roof landscapes for more than a hundred years. It is often used on rectilinear and flat roof frames.

Product Benefits

  • Pressed interlocking roofing tile in compliance with DIN/EN 1304
  • Waterproof, frost-resistant, breathable
  • Standard roof pitch 30°
  • Tiles per sqm: approx. 13.7 - 14.1 pcs.

Colours & Surfaces


Technical Data

Total width 25.0 cm
Total length 42.0 cm
Average tilling width 20.7 cm
Tilling length 34.7 cm ± 5 mm
Tiles required per sqm 13.7 - 14.1 pcs.
Weight per tile 3.1 kg
Weight per sqm min. 42.47 kg
Standard roof pitch 30°
All dimensions are approximate. Tolerances in compliance with DIN EN 1304. Subject to change without notice.