We've got roofing covered

The tile manufacturer Nelskamp is one of the leading producers of roofing materials in Germany. The company's philosophy is characterized by a focus on quality, state-of-the-art technology and personal contact with the building industry and with retailers. Short decision-making paths allow the independent, family-owned and managed company to react quickly to new market requirements.

Our core products are concrete and clay roof tiles and accessories. For some years now, the Nelskamp product portfolio has also included highly efficient solar technology, so our customers have a single source for all their needs.

Clay, concrete, and many years of experience.

In 1926, the family company started producing clay roof tiles in Schermbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia. Back then, the workers still dug the clay out of the ground with spades, pushed their fully-loaded carts to the factory and fired up the ovens to bake the tiles. After the Second World War, Nelskamp invested in new technology and began production of concrete roof tiles. These have been manufactured industrially since 1953. The first concrete roof tile model, the "Finkenberg tile", is still the best-selling model.

Since the beginning, all Nelskamp products have been manufactured in accordance with the principles of quality and reliability, tradition and innovation. The high standard of quality is demonstrated by the DINPlus certification for our concrete roof tiles. Two essential measures of this quality are frost-resistance and waterproofness. Nelskamp generally guarantees its products for 30 years.

Research and development

The company has repeatedly set trends in the industry. These include the self-cleaning, low pore "Longlife" tiles, the environmentally active surface "ClimaLife" and the introduction of large tiles and solar elements.

Production at all our sites is energy-efficient and makes use of worthwhile recycling processes. With the wide range of colours and shapes in both our clay and concrete products, roof designs can be given an individual character.

The solar systems segment is also a typical Nelskamp development. The company has developed a solar tile-collector heat-pump system, the "SolarPowerPack", a pure photovoltaic system, the "MS 5 PV", and two combined systems, the "2Power" and the "MS 5 2Power", which integrate electricity generation and water heating in one module.

With such a broad product portfolio, we can deliver all the roofing materials you need to your construction site, including all the accessories required for correct installation.

Our products are delivered either from our headquarters in Schermbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia, or from one of our plants in Hünxe-Gartrop (North Rhine-Westphalia), Dieburg (Hesse), Wandlitz (Brandenburg), Groß-Ammensleben (Saxony-Anhalt) and Unsleben (Bavaria).



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