Solar Energy Roofs

Solar tile Planum PV

Product Benefits

The Planum PV module is ...

Aesthetic photovoltaic system: MS 5 PV

With the MS 5 PV you can produce your own electricity, protect the environment, and take pleasure in an attractive roof. Unlike surface-mounted sys...

Electricity and heat from one module: 2Power

In the past, homeowners who wanted to generate both electricity and heat on their roofs needed two independent systems – one to produce solar therm...

Aesthetic combined electricity & heat module: MS 5 2Power

MS 5 2Power generates electricity and heat in the same module, and looks very aesthetic on the roof. Unlike surface-mounted solar systems, the dual...

SolarPowerPack - invisible energy efficiency

Nelskamp’s "SolarPowerPack" (SPP) is a visually inconspicuous power pack for heating and hot water. The solar collectors are identical in shape and...

Solar tile G10 PV

The G10 PV module is supplied as a ready-to-install unit for easy, quick and safe installation. The variable overlap area permits a uniform roof la...



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